I love Denim. I spent my 20’s in denim….eat, sleep,party , everything denim.Whoever started it but there is no rules, no cap on buying denim. Like we say, I have enuff whites, Or I already have a couple-ah reds, no one ever says enuff  for denim. All you denim lovers, go check your drawers, most of us have hoarded denims, flats, flayered, frayed, cropped , 80’s look, 90’s gunshot style, skinnies. It’s lovely how  it has spread to dress style, shorts, vests, jackets, bags, even shoes.

Denim is loyal, it wont ever let you down. You want a casual look, easy wear, trendy, or a classy impression, denim is the answer. Not long ago corporate people were struggling with tie n suit syndrome, when denim sneaked into Friday dressing. Denim has oomph. See what it has come to , you question those uptight managers about wearing denim on a Tuesday, they will retort back, weekend’s almost here buddy!

yeah denim.


Model : Aarti S

Occupation : Entrepreneur, brand the recyclist

Style statement : Young & Chic