Everyday we artists wake up with brilliant plans. Each morning is a blissful waking dream of what we could do, on how we would produce loads of beautiful creative works. In my case its every late night, but that’s not the point.

Spending time in the studio morn to evening is such a pleasure in itself; you bet food, friends, social media doesn’t even cross my mind, when its ablaze with intense schemes. A good pot of tea and rippling sunlight will do the trick. Day well spent, pieces well written, a few admirable sketches, and aah, life moves on first-rate!


But alas! we must also spend time & effort on food, friends, social media, relationships, not particularly in that order. While we may feel connected, marketed and sold to the art world, the real world actually requires us to be connected, marketed, and sold ……for a price.

Its a challenge to walk tall with your head high, and claim that you write this, or you paint that, when there are expenses to be dealt with. If you do manage to sell, you pay 60% or more on commissions. It can get depressing, and what with already few friends to buy you a beer or 2. A fellow artists advised, ‘consider prostitution instead.’ No, not that kind. The kind where you paint that cute pet portrait to pay the rent. The kind where you sell your creative dots n crosses design, to be printed on T-shirts and sold on etsy. Barter with your landlord. Offer mowing. Plucking berries on his farm. Outdoor toil and a bunch of berries is healthful anyway.


Model : Pooja

Passion : Acrylic /oil art

Style statement: Studio to dinner outfit rule