Athleisure clothing trends are fast picking up speed. The most comfortable and relaxing wearable clothes are made by sportswear companies – high in durability, low maintenance,  most items don’t even need ironing;  of late they are  becoming stylish because celebrities are flaunting them around. A lovely balance of confidence and comfort, who wouldn’t want to be working  in ( and working out) their most comfortable outfits.


On a personal note, I feel really good to see our community going back to basics, and reviving heritage clothing. Yoga attire is redefined into various forms of sweat pants, easy , loose or designer. Its like even if we fly crazy upon techno stuff and modern materials, our soul understands the need to connect with nature; it charms us back to the handmade cottons and classic embroidery. Then again we have our creative brands, who style the classics so well, it becomes ramp material! Go ahead, sweat it out and be cool!

dsc_0109dsc_0117Model : Rajan

Passion : Modelling ( MD of a Shipping company)

Style statement : Funky and Biker macho