The world of fashion is changing every minute – new trends, styles, attitudes, fads and fetishes rule; Rule and go, rule and get buried, comeback and blow our brains out;  there’s chaos, and there is rhythm. Its fun to watch and it’s crazy fun, if one wants to ride along. Yet there are styles, there are classics that never go out of fashion. They are here to stay, and they are also very practical for people who can’t keep up the changing scene. We call them evergreen, except they are red!

Lady in red almost always will increase the heartbeat, and excite. You will agree, yes, and it brought the warmest feeling inside of me when the man confesses (  movie – Me before you) , ‘ gimme a few more moments to savour, I’ve just been out on a date with a lady in red dress!’


Model : Anupama

Occupation: Dress designer, brand name  Zaina

Style statement : Flattering and Chic