While the world is busy fitting in, this bunch of artists believe in the unconventional. The theme for last week’s art exhibit was ‘Lock up’. Chosen artists brought in their artwork about things  locked up – dreams, emotions, social taboos, lifestyles, prisoned-for-no- reason, not-yet-exposed. It is amazing to see how different artists interpret and display their creativity about the same theme. Kudos go to the art curator , Kenneth Wong See Huat, Founder of People Ideas Culture 人思文, who organised the exhibition. His idea of  using the locker cabinets to exhibit these artworks is also novel, and received good response.

closet art
Art exhibits in lockers

Arthur Poh explores the lock up inside the human form. The suffering and helplessness that one can feel because of situations, or inner fears. In his own words – He likes to experiment , ‘  using slightly exaggerated, twisted and elongated human torsos to express the emotive feelings. The paintwork is usually pale and leaning toward a darker mood to compliment the unevenness of life.’


Can’t Breathe – by Arthur Poh

Dhyaanah Low, describes herself humbly as a co-creator with the Universe, dabbles with multiple mediums, and with a self-professed philosophical outlook of  Shakespearean thought,  “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” On this note, life’s journey ought to be a relentless W.I.P. to discover the wonders the world has to unfold.


dhyanaah 1
Captivity in poverty by Dhyaanah Low

Mariam Ibrahim is drawn to issues that bedevil our society.  Her legal background, in no small measure, heightens her interest on matters that require elucidation, debate and resolution. The figurines in exhibition  represent society that has lost its mental awareness to social ills.

Corrupted by Mariam Ibrahim