More about the artworks exhibited last week at the ‘Lock up’ event.

Choe Chee Kong, An electrical engineer who says he is lost in the ocean of art. He has been creating  comic and digital art painting for the last seven years. Recently he is experimenting  in installation art and multi media collage. Last year he won the grand prize in Pulau Ketam art competition.

Ego, the ultimate prison by Choe Chee Kong

“Ego is the prison for every human being. We worship and devote to our own ego everyday.
We work hard , earn money , struggle , upgrade and beautify ourself just to serve and satisfy our ego”, explains Choe Chee Kong.

Pooja Verma , an oil and acrylic artist showcased her piece ‘Nirbhaya- the brave woman.’ She says “I haven’t found my style yet. I create to discover to go beyond what I already know.’ Brave indeed.


We live in a world where we are told that “Don’t Get Raped”
rather than telling those vultures that “Don’t Rape”

No one will ever understand how she felt that day
No one can express the horror that angel went through that day.
When she had no way to escape
She wanted to scream and shout,
But there was no other way out.
Her wings were tear down by those vultures,
and she couldn’t escape from brutal creatures.
Blood dripping down from her body and
trembled like an earth quake.
She couldn’t see any light and hope thus closed her eyes,
And kept praying for another life.
A life where no stare will be there,
and no one will care
A day when she will walk freely without fear.
A day when clothes won’t decide the character,
and society wont judge her                                                ‘ Nirbhaya’ by Pooja Verma


Linda Liao has been active as an artist since the early 1990s. Focusing on  semi abstract figurative paintings, she creates her unique style of nude drawings, and 3D canvas which are sculptures created from canvas, acrylic paints, wood, sand, acrylic resin, fibre glass and resin. She  also creates artworks from upcycle and recycle process.

Pot calling kettle black by Linda Liao

A used pot made in Japan, a used kettle make in China with a German design. Viewers were invited to identify the issues in here, and encouraged to rearrange the settings.

Palguna is in the making! well, I guess every artist ( and even non artist) is in the making, we do, we make , till we go. Probably go in the nether  world and make too. who knows?


Holy water
Holy Water by Palguna


His works reflect on modernization and the globalization process taking place. This exhibit is called the Holy water. “In Hinduism, we believe in Holy Water that will bring us happiness, forgiveness and prosperity. The water holds spiritual value to the drinker, it tastes amazing, and is meant to cleanse us off , of our sins. People in prison may feel that drinking the holy water can bring liberation, their hope for better days to come. Our faith gives the importance to the holy water, where it could be tap water or even alcohol, ” humors Palguna.