I had the pleasure of enjoying these art works at the ‘ Lock up’ exhibition last week, organized by art curator Kenneth Wong. The below mentioned artworks are a joy to watch.

Anahita Ghazanfari is a painter and photographer. To her, artwork is beyond medium and truly believe that art is soulful and resides deep within oneself. Through her camera lens, she learnt to search, study, and see beyond the obvious. ” Nature gives us recognition of source and hope of continuity.”
Anahita’s paintings are not merely a result of direct observations but a complex combination of diverse elements augmented by compelling recollections of specific emotions. Every portion of depictions has its very own voice and continues with the story.

Creation of my own reality by Anahita

SookSiang Chiang shares she was  an abused child and autistic. She wanted to study fine art in MIA when she was young. However due to poverty, she could  afford to study Engineering Diploma and English Literature Degree in government universities. She had to let go of her passion towards painting for over ten years before  she could complete fine art diploma in Aswara and officially enter into the local art sphere. She expresses pain through her artworks, with which she hopes to find some form of solace.

Solitary confinement by Sophia