styleccentric cartel


Fashion is fickle!

A publisher friend said, hardly anyone reads mushy poetry. That, after holding my files for a full year, was plain rude. I explained that I have to BE me, therefore I am going to be me, despite art-world trends, cheap shots, criticism, etc.

In the past 30 or 40 years, the writer has become someone who works on a well-defined career path, like any other mediocre professional, not to become a craftsman serving the community, but to project an image of herself ( partly through her writings, and also in dozens of other ways) as an artist who embodies the direction in which culture is headed. In short, the next big thing. A Rushdie, A Pamuk.

Is a career in writing finally becoming fashionable due to perks like independence, self realization, rising community sharing through tech, and a sense of equality? I have spent my entire adult life avoiding being fashionable, and now I must face up to being cutting edge?

Simply put, I do not want to handle competition. In the past, whenever my interests ( or style) became fashionable, I dropped them. I preferred the outmoded and obscure. The cutting edge merely whetted my desire to be different.However, I am not about to drop my love for the pen simply because writing careers are coming into style. Or because writers have become really fashion friendly. Sincere and chic is an intoxicating combo.

So, this is another different way of getting your attention. This here is a compilation of some inventive styles that stand on their own, in an abstract manner. These creations are representative of my obsessive narcissism, yet soothing. A few awe-inspiring art and design lovers have also extended their support and/or collaboration to make this space striking.

In keeping up with the fetishes,

Sona Ghose